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Why should my password be unique?

Do not use the same password for your email account and your bank account. An attacker only needs to steal one password to gain access to both accounts. If you used the same password for different accounts you make it very easy for the attacker. You can protect yourself by using a generator to create unique passwords that are easy to remember

Why should my password be random?

Random passwords are hard to guess and harder for computer programs to crack. Random passwords can contain a jumble of unrelated characters but combining unrelated words also works. PWGenerator creates strong passwords that are easy to remember and still cryptographically strong.

Strong passwords are unique and random.

Humans aren not very good at coming up with passwords. That is why PWGenerator for Strong Passwords was designed. PWGen create strong and memorable passwords for you. Most data leaks are caused by reused or weak passwords. So random and unique passwords are your best defense against online threats.